The Tale of Sadako 3D

Sadako is back, she crawls and crawls again. We all wants to know how clearly about Sadako's vengeance, after made all influenced people die by her. This is made in Japan, so ... in 3D. Hoping that Sadako 3D will held base to Ringu 2, and Ringu 1998. In Ringu 2, the end is Sadako is still life, not die, in ghost description, not in humanity. Nanako Matsushima was very beauty, she acts in both Ringu in a nice role. Sadako 3D will tell parts, a part, half part from all parts, or is it will tell the clear of mystery tale. Heart wasn't brave to view that upcoming movie, and not brave to write about the review, because of unknowing... a hahaha ahahha. Still hope, Nanako Matsushima, or in Ringu as Rieko Asakawa, not dies, hoping she not dies, but the fact Asakawa dies hit by a car, which is then her blood crawls viewed seems like Sadako's hair... move up close to Yoichi, the sons of Asakawa who look to her death.

Sadako 3D will release and launch in May 2012.
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