Ritchie Blackmore Young Boy Photo

A photo found from internet searching, the true Deep Purple guitar former Ritchie Blackmore in his younger age, when is this photo was taken? We can not touch the truth when is this Ritchie Blackmore younger picture was taken exactly. He hold his stratocaster guitar, sit down on a chair, with a white up dressed and black in bottom. Is this 1968? I think this is not more than in 1974, he seems like a young boy in junior ages.

Blackmore joined the rock group Deep Purple in 1968 after receiving the invitation from Jon Lord (organs). The band had a hit US single with its remake of the Joe South song "Hush". Purple's early sound leaned on psychedelia and progressive rock. The first line-up recorded a mixture of original and cover materials. This "Mark One" line-up featuring singer Rod Evans lasted until mid-1969 and produced three studio albums.

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