Prices for tickets for to Super Bowl XLVI

A year makes what a difference. Prices for tickets for to Super Bowl XLVI are down nearly 50% in the online resale market from gameday last year. And a Super Bowl fire sale is in the offing with not enough last minute buyers in Indianapolis to purchase all the seats up for sale at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Compared to $3,790 on gameday for last year's Super Bowl XLV match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packer, says Joellen Ferrer of StubHub, median prices for today's New York Giants-New England Patriots match-up are around $2,050. That's off a whopping 46% from last year. With less than 4 hours till kickoff, StubHub has twice the inventory it had this time last year making it a clear "buyers market," she says.

Over at SeatGeek the story's similar. Today's day of game average ticket prices $1,909, down 15% from $2,250 on game day last year, says Will Flaherty. Ticket prices have been falling since mid-week. He's surprised by the "velocity" of the fall. But he notes its common for prices to fall the closer it gets to kickoff. From the highest daily average price this week: $3,414 on Wednesday, today's $1,909 game day average is off 44%.
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