Yngwie Malmsteen And Billy Sheehan in a Photo

Yngwie Malmsteen With Billy Sheehan in a photo together, Yngwie rises his hand and shows up the metal logo with 2 fingers, and Billy Sheehan holds a plastic glass, are their friends? This two brilliant musicman made a photo together in a metal show. Yngwie Malmsteen, as we know, even God knows, he is a highest top guitarist in all over time and place, and Billy Sheehan is the best bass player we've ever known.
Yngwie Malmsteen and Billy Sheehan catched in a photo image together, this is miracle.
We know about Yngwie's style in playing guitar, he's no limit in speed. Did you ever heard the song of Wield My Sword taken from Alchemy Album? He played guitar like motorspeed, like super speed train ride.
And this Billy, one of the frontman of Mr. Big, did you ever heard the song of Collorado Bulldog? His bass make sound like buffalo... his hand runs to the up corner and down corner of bassneck, he's a cowboy of bassist ever.
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