Windmill The City Of The Dead

The 1960s British horror film, The City of the Dead, or, as it was known in the U.S., Horror Hotel. S.J. Evans (Tattoos: A Scarred History) is on board to write and direct, are paired up to remake by Pillay-Evans Productions and producer Adam Stephe Kelly.

Evans: "The remake of The City of the Dead will stay true to the original and concentrate on atmosphere and good old fashioned storytelling, instead of relying on gore or CGI to move the plot along, I grew up watching the classic Universal horrors and was inspired by how the likes of James Whale created this sense of dread and unease with just a look. I want to bring that style of filmmaking back to the big screen instead of another music video, quick-cut horror film. We are all very excited by the prospect of bringing one of the greatest witchcraft films ever made to a new audience and know that fans of the original will be satisfied with the effort we are making to honour this classic.”
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