West Connects The Case With Ghost

Will have a hard time scaring up paranormal researchers to back his claim, a Wisconsin man arrested for allegedly punching his wife -- who claims a ghost is responsible for the domestic abuse. Police in Fond du Lac, Wis., arrested Michael West, 41, on Jan. 15, after responding to a disturbance call. West's wife told the cops that her husband twice attempted to strangle her and that he struck her in the face when she attempted to call 911.

As a result of several falls, West told authorities that his wife sustained injuries. But when an officer pressed the issue, West allegedly opted for a supernatural excuse -- "A ghost did it." However, his explanation doesn't have a ghost of a chance of getting any support from researchers like Ron James, a filmmaker who specializes in the paranormal.

James told HuffPost Weird News, "Reports of ghosts attacking people or making them do things are extremely rare and there is no solid evidence to support them". "You won't find anyone who will vouch for them." James says the only way West's claim might be legit is if the house has had documented paranormal activity, or if West and his wife have been known to have otherworldly entities following them.

"If the husband had become possessed by some demonic entity, it certainly could manifest as violent," James said. "It probably is a case where none of us will ever know for sure, but the cynical side of me says that 'a ghost made me do it' is a pretty convenient excuse."
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