Vision The Octavius Ship in Arctic

The story starts from a whaling ship named the Herald in 1775, accidentally discovered a large ship floating in the ocean ( Arctic sea ). When a new note in Approach, hull of the ship named The Octavius​​, The Octavius ​​himself is also a whaling ship, there was no sign of life in it until a ship crew Herald ventured climb The Octavius.

 Surprisingly, he found dozens of dead bodies lying and ​​freezes, dead bodies/crews are expected die cold-caused after they long lost in the Arctic and run out of stock. The most astonishing turns that The Octavius ​​had been reported missing 13 years ago, so at the lag time the ship adrift at sea, after the discovery of the vessel is up to now spread the news a lot of fishing boats seeing visions of Octavius in Arctic Ocean, when approached the ship suddenly disappeared in the fog.
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