Two windows from an Old house

If you use this texture please don't forget to leave a memory remains of experience. And please don't forget, if you add a picture with it you must set a architecture of ultimate art. Smoothing out a textured wall. Here you'll find a wide range of discussions on old house texture topics.
Has anyone used a wall texture product in this scenario?
We mainly used textures from the following DVDs: Aged & Stressed, Around the World: Part 1.
Old house window 3D Texture two windows from an old house. Exclusive! This product is sold exclusively at north american houses market and maybe in architecture shops.

 Old House Part 4 - Knock Down Plaster ... another miracle, reluctantly shows us how to do the popular wall
Textured plaster in an older North American house could very likely be original to the building and hold historic significance and value. Repairing textured.

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