Video Data Of oklahoma earthquake

The Oklahoma Geological Survey has warned people to expect more aftershocks, said Michelann Ooten, a spokeswoman for the state emergency management department.

Saturday's quake rippled north through Kansas and into Missouri, rattling windows and waking sleeping residents, though there were no reports of damage or injuries there.
At one of the homes damaged in Oklahoma, the chimney crashed through the roof and its walls and foundation were split by tremors, said Joey Wakefield, emergency management director for rural Lincoln County.
The severity of the earthquake startled everyone, he said, because earthquakes in the area are typically mild.
"We're in tornado country, man," Wakefield told Reuters. "These earthquakes, it just scares the hell out of everybody here."
The National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma, said its radar detected swarms of birds and bugs that took flight to escape the shaking on the ground.

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