STEVE Harris has been seen with different bass guitars during his career, mostly Fender P-Basses. This list may not contain every bass, and most of them are retired, and the first ones in this list are from his earliest days from his career as a musician.

Fender American Standard Precision Bass®, Olympic White, Maple Fretboard

Fender '70s Jazz Bass®, 3 Tone Sunburst, Rosewood Fretboard

Fender '70s Precision Bass: Pearl White w/ West Ham crest and black and blue pin-striping , mirror pickguard (formerly white), maple neck.

Fender '70s Precision Bass: Blue / silver crackle finish (formerly white, then red sparkle), mirror pickguard (formerly black), maple neck.

Fender 1959 Precision Bass: Chess finish (formerly fiesta red or 'salmon pink' as described by Steve in a 1992-era Bass Player magazine), mirror pickguard (formerly gold anodized), maple fretboard (formerly rosewood).

Ibanez Roadster Bass: Black, maple neck (White pickups)

Ibanez Roadster Bass: Black, maple neck (Black pickups).

Danelectro Longhorn Bass: White, rosewood fretboard.

Fender '80s Precision Bass: Red, mirror pickguard (formerly black), maple neck.

Lado Steve Harris Signature Unicorn Bass: Blue w. Unicorn graphic, rosewood fretboard. The bass has no tone control and Harris taps his head or body to cue the technician for treble or bass adjustments.

Roland G-88 Bass (1980-85) for his Roland GR-77B Synthesizer (1985-89).

Ovation Celebrity Bass CC2474 Acoustic-electric Bass Guitar, Black

Guild GAD-M20E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural

Washburn Force 40: Black with red lining. Shortly after Bruce returned to the band, he appeared with this bass in some photos. According to an interview by Bass Magazine (in Japan), he uses this bass only for exercise.

Steve uses his own signature RotoSound SH77 flat-wound bass strings. Broken-in flat-wound strings are not typically associated with Steve's bright sound; however, to retain brightness, Steve changes his strings on a daily basis while touring and recording.

Pre-Amp: Custom-made 'Electron'. This is a rack-mountable virtual clone of a vintage Hi-Watt Solid State 200 amp (rare) and has been the center of Steve's bass rig since the early 1980s.

Compressor: Vintage DBX 160

Power Amp: C-Audio SR707 rack-mountable power amp x 2

# Cabinets: Quantity 8 Marshall 4x12 JCM 800 bass series straight cabinets loaded with Electro-Voice EVM12L drivers (32 speakers total).
# Spare: Trace-Elliot GP12SMX serves as spare pre-amp.
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