The Newest Image of Van Halen

van halen reported earlier this week that Van Halen had signed to Interscope, and this photo released last night seems to squelch any doubts. It shows the current line-up of Van Halen with Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine, Interscope Vice Chairman Steve Berman, Universal President and CEO Jim Urie and Van Halen manager Irving Azoff at an "undisclosed venue" in Los Angeles. It looks like it was some sort of party celebrating Van Halen's new deal.

The photo raises some questions, though. Why is David Lee Roth standing apart from his band? Did they intend to stand in a V formation? There's a drum kit and speakers on that stage. Did they perform? When is the album coming out? When are they going to tour? Why does David Lee Roth always have that creepy Joker grin on his face these days? Like most things regarding Van Halen, we'll probably have to wait to hear the answers. But this time, it actually seems like they are getting close to releasing new material.

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