Max Cavalera's Guitar Tools And Equipment

With Sepultura, Max Cavalera played a B.C. Rich Warlock, and now plays LTD Max Cavalera EX Electric Guitar. Designed to his specifications and based on the Viper design, the guitar features a Seymour Duncan SH6 Distortion pickup. A budget version (with a stock pickup) is sold under the LTD moniker. Another signature guitar produced by ESP, based on the AX model, is white with a Soulfly logo inlays. He also used Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar, Ebony - Chrome Hardware during his later years in Sepultura and on the first two Soulfly albums and the tours that supported them. For 2011, ESP did a new signature model for Max, called the Max Cavalera EX, which consists in a single Seymour Duncan distortion and Soulfly logo inlays. He plays through a Peavey 3120 Tube Guitar Amp Head (120w), and also used Peavey 6505 212 Combo 60-watt Tube Amplifier

Cavalera's own guitar is only strung with four strings, as he has claimed that he never used the highest two strings. Besides the guitar, he also plays a berimbau, a Brazilian one-string instrument (cordophone family), a sitar and sometimes percussion on stage and studio recordings.

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