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In 2007, ESP Guitar Company announced the release of a 20th Anniversary Limited KH-20 Guitar to celebrate 20 years of relationship with Kirk Hammett (based upon the KH-2 guitar with some modification). Only 41 guitars were in production, with the price at $9,999 USD a piece.

List Of Kirk Hammett Custom Guitars :

ESP LTD KH202 Kirk Hammett Electric Guitar (Black)

ESP LTD KH602 Kirk Hammett Electric Guitar (Black)

ESP KH2 Kirk Hammett Electric Guitar with Case (Black)

ESP Kirk Hammett KH-2 SE Special Edition Electric Guitar - GreenBurst

EMG KH20 Kirk Hammett Active Pickup Set with Pickguard

ESP LTD KHJR Kirk Hammett Jr 3/4 Size Electric Guitar with Gig Bag

Metallica Autographed Kirk Hammett Signed Airbrushed Guitar PSA

In January 2009, ESP also announced the rare release of Hammett's famous "ouija" guitar, which was very limited and for 2009 only.

ESP M-II "Zorlac" - This was the starting line for the whole KH series. It features a vertical skull & crossbones as opposed to the horizontal ones featured on today's KH's, and an upside down Jackson Guitars style headstock which is what Hammett originally intended. However, Jackson Guitars threatened law suits if this model was ever sold. As a result, the headstock was changed to the typical ESP style, but flipped upside down.

MII Standard Electric Guitar with Hardshell Case (Black w/Seymour Duncans), Kirk used this a lot in the studio and live.

ESP KH-2 "Bride of Frankenstein" - New for 2009

ESP KH-4 Chrome - New for 2009. A remake of his former KH-4 guitar, with a chrome pickguard, chrome hardware, and chrome EMG pickups.

ESP MII-NT - New for 2009. It is custom finished with Occult-themed graphics.

ESP KH-2 "Skully" - Hammett's main touring guitar. This signature model is based upon the modifications he made to his M-II.

ESP KH-2 M-II "Boris Karloff Mummy" #I - This has been Hammett's favourite guitar for many years. It features the Boris Karloff Mummy I graphic of which Hammett owns the rights to. It will not be released by ESP. Hammett has 2 of these guitars, one with Eye of Horus inlays and the other with hieroglyphics inlays

ESP KH-2 M-II "Ouija" - This guitar contains 2 spelling errors. It sports the words "WILLIAM FUED TALKING BAARD SET" but it in fact should say "WILLIAM FULD TALKING BOARD SET". Hammett also now plays a White Version of this guitar on tour

ESP KH-3 Eclipse - Pushead Spider graphic. It is taken from a classic Les Paul Jr. shape with a Floyd Rose vibrato and EMG pickups.

ESP Flying V copy - Cherry Red with white pickguard and gold hardware. Kirk uses this live mostly for the song Seek & Destroy.

ESP Michael Schenker Flying V

ESP VIPER Baritone;; Used for performances of The Unnamed Feeling

Gibson Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute Electric Guitar, Worn Cherry Sunburst - Mostly on ballads such as "Fade to Black" and "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"

Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar, Ebony - Used on songs from St. Anger

Ibanez RG Fixed Bridge RG7321 Electric Guitar - Black - Used during the Wherever We May Roam American and European tour. It was used as a stunt guitar and for Deep Purple covers.

Jackson RR1T Randy Rhoads Flying V White - Custom-Made specifically for Hammett. It is usually tuned one step down from standard tuning, and used for songs like "Sad but True" and "The Memory Remains"

TC Customs Death Magnetic Flying V - Used in the "World Magnetic Tour."

Teuffel Birdfish - Designed and produced by German guitar designer/builder, Ulrich Teuffel. The model is limited (500 made) and is made to amplify sound using various pickups. This guitar is used live for "The Judas Kiss"

Teuffel Tulsa

On the 25th anniversary of Metallica's debut album Kill 'Em All,Hammett appears on the cover of Feb. 2008's Guitar World sporting his new custom ESP. This model is the KH20, the 20th anniversary model from ESP.Guitar World - Covers Archive

In the video for "One", Hammett is seen using what is most likely an ESP Vintage Plus. It appears however to be modified; it has a Floyd Rose tremolo, which could have been Hammett's own work or a custom model.


Throughout Metallica's career, Hammett has used a range of different amplifiers. For the first two albums, he used Marshall amplifiers and cabinets, with occasional effects. For the recording of Metallica's third album, Master of Puppets (1986), he and James Hetfield bought a Mesa/Boogie MarkIIC+ amplifier, and used Mesa/Boogies until he made his move to Randall Amplifiers in 2007.

In September 2007, Randall Amplifiers announced a partnership with Hammett to design a line of signature amps, heads, combos and preamp modules.

Hammett has also been seen using a wide range of different amplifiers in the studio and during live performances :

Mesa Boogie DR1BLC Dual Rectifier

Safecase ATA Case for Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head

Randall RM100KH Kirk Hammett Series 100-Watt Guitar Amp Head Signature Model (modified version of the MTS series RM100) (x2)

Randall RS412KH100 Kirk Hammett Series 4x12 Cabinet

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