Glen Benton Satanism

Glen Benton is known for his Satanic and anti-Christian beliefs and views of "today's corrupt religious systems in the alchemist ". He is renowned for an inverted cross he has repeatedly branded into his forehead over the years. According to Steve Asheim, this act was likely in response to previous press attention the band received when Brian Hoffman burned an inverted cross into his arm with a cigarette. 

Despite having claimed in an interview he shares a "spiritual link" with Lucifer, who tells him "what to say and what to write about", the nature of Benton's 'Satanism' is obscure and a subject of controversy, particularly due to allegations by former deicide guitarist jobs Eric Hoffman, who dismissed it as insincere and spurious. In early years, Benton was ostensibly a theistic satanist; he implied he had held the belief of the Christian God but worshipped Satan instead. Thus, his beliefs have been put to question by followers of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, which Benton has blasted on the grounds it is an organized religion, promoting what he perceives to be "Hollywood Satanism".

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