Horror Video, Yue Yue's Death

Yue Yue was left with horrific brain injuries following the accident and she never recovered

Yue Yue, name of the 2 years old Chinese Little girl, was coma... and then die.... God must be placed her in paradise with Muhammad? Isa? Maybe Adam... Adam in Paradise... after long million years ago eat Khuldi with his lovely Eve... But Yue Yue is a little girl with bloody ill in all over body, not like Adam... Adam die not like Yue Yue... He make love with Eve everyday...

Yue Yue hit by 2 white car in a market shop area... At China country. No One help her when she hit and fall and bloody-out from body, she came coma after many days since October 13th. The car drivers will watch Yue Yue in paradise... from hell.

The Yue Yue's parent cry... They lost their child leave shopping, Yue Yue like looks confuzed, see right and left in the middle of street maybe to find her father and mom, before hit by the 2 killer cars.

Here is the article from dailymail.co.uk with Video attached.
Yue Yue Video

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